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Resources for New Students

Resources for New Students

Information needed to find course materials information for UMHB courses:

Printed copy of your course schedule

Access to MyCourses through MyCampus

Where to find course materials information for UMHB courses:

Online campus store at – https://store.umhb.edu/

Course syllabi posted in MyCourses on MyCampus

Correspondence with instructors teaching your courses

How to access textbook information on the online campus store:

Click on “Textbooks”

Read and accept the “Disclaimer”  

             Accept and build textbook list automatically – be sure to note when upcoming terms are available

                                Log in to MyCampus

             Accept and build textbook list manually

                                Select campus term, department, course, and section and add course to list

                                After all courses are added, click “Get your Books”

Please note: UMHB Campus Store does not hold textbooks and textbooks will not be shipped to you

Orders are available for pickup within 24 to 48 hours after the order is processed

Process for purchasing textbooks at the UMHB Campus Store:

UMHB Campus Store offers textbooks via a clerk-service operation

Drop off your schedule at the back of the store (forms are available in the event you do not have your printed schedule)

Course materials are available at the cash registers when you finish shopping and check out

When to purchase course materials:

Purchase books any time after you determine the textbooks you need for your courses

Purchase your textbooks from the UMHB Campus Store whenever you find your books available in the store or via the website

Where to purchase course materials:

             Textbooks can be purchased from any source 

Consider ease and cost of returns as you may change your schedule, course instructors can change, and selected books sometime change

             Consider price

Consider shipping costs and restocking fees if returns are necessary

UMHB Campus Store’s course materials return policy:

Textbooks may be returned or exchanged during the first six (6) days of fall and spring classes

Textbooks must be returned in the same condition as when purchased so do not write or mark in your books or open any packaging until you are sure you will be keeping your books 

Original cash register receipt and Cru Card or photo id are required for any returns or exchanges

Using financial aid to purchase textbooks:

UMHB Bursar’s Office may issue a portion of your financial aid funds to your UMHB Cru Card for purchases in the UMHB Campus Store and on our website

Funds can be used for purchases of supplies, apparel, etc. in addition to course materials

Financial aid funds applied to Cru Cards for the purchase of course materials are removed after a short time

Renting course materials:

             Provides a lower priced option for acquiring needed textbooks

Book is property of the rental company and must be returned at the end of the rental period to avoid additional charges

Debit or credit card is required to guarantee the rental

Consideration should be given as to whether the book will be needed beyond the rental period

Selling books at buyback:

Book buyback is scheduled at the end of each term

Receipt is not required to sell books at buyback

When determining what books to sell, consider if course materials may be needed for upcoming semesters

             Know books that are rented to avoid accidentally selling them at buyback

 Important textbook terminology:

Required - Professor is requiring students to have material for the course

Optional – A book or item that is not required by the professor but would be helpful in the course              

Bundle Component - Book or item is a component of a course materials bundle

Choose–one - Choose one selection from a list of books

             Substitution / E-book – Digital access for course materials

Inclusive Access – Digital access to course materials on the first day of class through the UMHB learning management system, cost of course materials billed directly to your UMHB account

Study Aid – supplemental study tools

Open Education Resources - Materials for teaching or learning that either are in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed, or shared with others



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